Our injection molded accessories are made of glass filled nylon with stainless steel hardware and are designed and made with the same quality and care as our push poles. This ensures that our products match and enhance the look of your flats boat.

Brackets can be mounted on the gunnels of your skiff and come in two types: standard and flush mount. The standard mount can be used universally while the flush mounts recess below the gunnels to prevent annoying fly and braided line tangles. Occasionally, some customeers utilize a combination of both types with a flush mount near the bow and standards toward the stem. For those who would like to ensure that their push pole does not vibrate against their gunnels while underway, a shim can be purchased to elevate the flush mount. If you have any mounting or installation questions contact us by e-mail.


Foot- 1-1/4" inside diameter black $35.00 photo

Tip- 1-1/4" inside diameter black $20.00 photo

Stake Our Collar (2 piece poles only) black $30.00 photo

Standard Mount Pushpole Brackets
(Set of 3 with SS hardware and instructions)
white or black $35.00/set photo

Standard Mount Pushpole Bracket
(individual with SS mounting hardware)
white or black $12.00 each photo

Flush Mount Pushpole Bracket(Fold-Down Retractable)
(Set of 3 with SS hardware, template, adn instructions)
black $100.00/set photo

Flush Mount Single Bracket black $35.00 each photo

Flush Mount Single Shim black $12.00 each photo

Poling platform "Gripper" Mount
(With SS hardware, template, and instructions)
black $30.00 each photo

Flamingo Mud bars
(Set of 4 with SS hardware)
black $20.00 photo

Ferrule Repair Kit white or black $50.00 photo

"The art of poling" video N/A $19.95 photo